"We manufacture Quality Appetizers according to the Traditional method"


More than 70 years of TRADITION

Our beginnings were in a small shop at Santa María de la Cabeza Street (Madrid) around 1950. Since then, the vision of our founders to offer products of the highest quality has remained in force. For more than 70 years we have maintained this legacy of tradition, effort and know-how.


We differentiate ourselves by continuing to use the "pan-frying" method, which gives our chips the highest level of preservation of their organoleptic characteristics, as well as an authentic taste, an aroma that evokes the smells of our childhood and a crunchy and surprising texture.


We apply the best food safety measures and controls. Our containers and packaging allow us maximum product preservation. All under the close supervision of a large team of professionals committed to our main objective: "To offer products of the HIGHEST QUALITY".


Our state-of-the-art facilities maximize our production chain, allowing us to deliver our products quickly and anywhere.
All this without forgetting the traditional processes and techniques, such as pan frying with the best olive and sunflower oils.
This guarantees the maximum flavor, aroma and crispy and unique texture of all our products.


We have one of the widest ranges of snacks on the market. From children's snacks to more sophisticated products for a more demanding public.


We are specialists in the traditional frying process. This has made us a benchmark in the quality and traditional flavour chips industry.


We reach the exact point of toasting or frying so that our dried fruits are tastier, with a more intense aroma, respecting the qualities of the raw material.


The selection of the best raw materials and traditional frying with high quality oils are the most important factors in achieving a crunchy texture and a natural, tasty flavour.


At La SantaMaría, we strive every day to offer our customers top quality products with a delicious taste, natural aroma and crunchy texture. Our values have been fundamental in positioning us as a leader in the sector and in maintaining the success of our products, proven by more than 70 years of business experience. 


Having the right raw materials takes effort and dedication, which is why we carefully select our suppliers to obtain the best fruit from each harvest.


We are faithful to tradition, which is why we make all our products using the techniques developed by our founders to offer our customers appetizers like those of yesteryear.


Quality is our obsession. From the selection of raw materials to the production process and distribution. We control the whole process to achieve excellence.

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